Retirement Plan Website Features

If your company’s plan is on the P&A Retirement Platform, you have access to a full-featured plan website as well as a mobile website where you can plan your retirement and manage your account. You can log into your P&A Retirement Account to perform the following functions:

  • Enroll into the plan – If your company permits online enrollment, you can enroll online into your Retirement Account with video guidance. 
  • Choose investments – You can choose how your funds are invested from a menu of investment choices selected by your plan’s advisor.
  • Check your balance – You can view your account balance at any time. Balances are updated daily.
  • Make changes – You can make changes to your Retirement Account, including changes to your personal information, how your funds are invested, and how much you want to contribute.
  • Request a loan – If your plan allows you to borrow from your Retirement Account, the website will tell you how much you can borrow and will allow you to request the loan online.
  • Perform investment research – Your Retirement Account has detailed information on each investment offering to make it easier for you to choose the investments that are right for your plan.
  • Track your performance – You can view your personal rate of return via a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
  • Plan for retirement – Our innovative gap analysis tool helps you better understand your retirement needs, and allows you to personalize your retirement plan choices.
  • See historical transactions – You can retrieve and export historical transactions.

Mobile Website

You can also access your Retirement Account using your mobile device to check details of your account balance and see historical information about your account.